Veet’s Cuisine – gluten free vegetarian recipes


Over 100 delicious gluten free vegetarian recipes – with many vegan and dairy free options and suggestions. Scroll down for more information…


Veet’s Cuisin – delicious vegetarian recipes by Veet Karen

This book is packed with loads of useful information, a protein guide, a simple guide on complete protein, an essential pantry list and some fun and interesting stories with over 120 gluten free recipes and many vegan and dairy free options and suggestions.

The recipes have been tried and loved by many and were inspired by the wonderful local produce available in the Byron Bay shire.

Testimonial for ‘Veet’s Cuisine’ from Janella Purcell:
“Veet has put together a really lovely collection of recipes that will no doubt cause much excitement not only amongst vegetarians but with anyone eager to include more vegetarian meals into their repertoire. There’s a whole lot of love in this book as you can tell by the addition of the thoughtful section at the front of the book with handy tips on cooking vego food, as well as the inclusion of nutritional charts. Well done Veet. Your passion to help create a better world shines through your recipes.”
Janella Purcell Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author, Wholefood Chef.

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