With Jessie Chapman.

Filmed on Byron Bay's beautiful beaches this DVD features:
 2 x 30 Vinyasa Yoga classes suitable for beginners-general
 Each class flows through a sequence of postures to stretch, strengthen, cleanse & tone the whole body
 4 x Yoga Therapy Sequences to relieve headache, stress, computer tension & tight neck & shoulders
 1 x 5 min Lying Down Guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
 A detailed section on how to practice the postures: great for those new to yoga

Watch a segment of this DVD here:

Radiance Yoga DVD Testimonials:

I instantly fell in love with this style of yoga and have grown particularly fond of Jesse Chapman's yoga instruction and routine. Sophie

I recently purchased your Radiance Yoga Beginners DVD and it's wonderful. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a very relaxing and easy to follow way. Carolyn

Love the way you've set this up and I'm enjoying the different options offered apart from the 30min session. Jenny

I am continually inspired by your yoga DVD's. Sararnrnt

I've been using the Radiance Yoga dvd for 6 months which I just love! A LARGE hug and many thanks to you for creating this DVD. Annie

My daughter and I ordered your 2 new DVD's. Just wanted to let you know they are both fantastic. ElinarnrntFinally your new DVDs have been released and I bought both and have started using them. I love them, particularly as I can select 30, 20 or 10 min yoga practice and then include extra core strength or abdominal exercise - I really need that. I find the practice a little challenging compared to your first 2 DVDs, but that means I am working harder. Thank you so much. Great work. Jan

I am thrilled to have my own teacher in my own lounge room...I cant touch my toes so i think i will be practising for a little while yet...I love the way it tells you what each pose does for your health..just brilliant. Bonnie

I have a copy of your yoga dvd filmed on the Byron beach and just want to let you know that I think it is fantastic! I have tried yoga literally three or four times over the past five years and could never really get into it or understand it for some reason..? But when I came across your DVD ...well I cannot explain what happened but I am now hooked! It is so different to the other yoga I have done and for some strange reason it agrees with me. Thank you very much for putting your work onto DVD. Rosslyn


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